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"Children are natural mimics: they act like their parents in spite of every attempt to teach them good manners." -Anonymous.
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ASIN: 1585422959
Parenting From the Inside Out
    Product Type: Book

         List Price: $ 14.95
         Amazon's Price: $ 9.72
         You Save: $ 5.23

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ASIN: 1576839540
Parenting With Love And Logic (Updated and Expanded Edition)
    Product Type: Book

         List Price: $ 24.99
         Amazon's Price: $ 15.74
         You Save: $ 9.25

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ASIN: 0345442865
Playful Parenting
    Product Type: Book

         List Price: $ 14.00
         Amazon's Price: $ 11.20
         You Save: $ 2.80

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ASIN: 0345411803
Parenting Guide to Your Baby's First Year
    Product Type: Book

         List Price: $ 16.95
         Amazon's Price: $ 11.86
         You Save: $ 5.09

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ASIN: 0743251164
The Ten Basic Principles of Good Parenting
    Product Type: Book

         List Price: $ 12.00
         Amazon's Price: $ 9.84
         You Save: $ 2.16

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ASIN: 0345411838
Parenting Guide to Positive Discipline
    Product Type: Book

         List Price: $ 16.00
         Amazon's Price: $ 11.20
         You Save: $ 4.80

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ASIN: 1557989249
Parenting that Works: Building Skills that Last a Lifetime
    Product Type: Book

         List Price: $ 16.95
         Amazon's Price: $ 11.53
         You Save: $ 5.42

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