The Road to the Constitution: From British Colonies--Revolution War--Independence--Needing a Government--Articles of Confederation--United States Constitution

 2 Under the New Jersey plan, these states would have more power
 4 The branch that interprets the laws
 6 Under the Articles, America did not have one of these
 8 Under the Virginia Plan, these states would have more power
 9 States must treat their own citizens and other states’ citizens this way
 10 The chamber of Congress where each state gets two votes
 13 States send these to Congress
 16 One of two things people were afraid states might lose
 19 In the House of Representatives, the number of votes a state gets depends on this
 20 The Articles of Confederation created a government that had only one of these
 22 The Constitution says laws passed by Congress are ___ to state laws.
 1 Early Americans had something in common with this fictional character!
 3 The Articles let Congress create this but not pay for it
 5 A group of individuals united together for a purpose
 6 One of two things people were afraid states might lose
 7 These were the “individuals” in the “confederation” created by the Articles
 11 Under the Articles of Confederation, congress could not do this to its laws, so states could just ignore laws
 12 One problem was that states charged these on goods from other states
 14 Fraction of states that must agree to change the Constitution
 15 The branch that makes the laws
 17 The branch that carries out the laws
 18 The document that replaced the Articles of Confederation
 21 The Articles of Confederation was America’s first plan for _____.
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