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 2 This is the first white man to see Michilimackinac. A watch tower near Arch Rock honors him.
 5 What was the first protestant church on the island?
 7 The British recapture the Fort during the War of 1812. Where do they land before attacking Fort Mackinac from the heights where Fort George is later built?
 9 Father Jean Claude Allouez was the first ___ missionary to visit the Straits of Mackinac (according to the earliest written description of Mackinac in 1669).
 11 Who was the British commandant of Fort Michilimackinac who decided to move the Fort to Mackinac Island where he felt it would be less vulnerable?
 14 When Mackinac Island becomes a ___ ___, the troops leave and the Fort is disarmed.
 15 This is the song at the end of the video. (Hint: this plays twice before the cannon booms at evening flags)
 16 What is Fort George renamed in order to honor an American officer who died in battle?
 20 Father Dablon established one of the oldest churches in America on Mackinac Island and named it after this Saint.
 22 This great inn opens its doors on July 10, 1887 (and had a porch that's 800 feet long!)
 23 During the Civil War, troops are withdrawn and the Fort is manned by volunteers
 26 The Treaty of ___ gives Fort Mackinac to America and the first American soldiers arrive in 1796.
 27 What is the name of the sloop that is used to transport the Fort to Mackinac Island?
 29 What is the song that plays at the beginning of the video? (Hint: it plays in the morning before the cannon fires)
 30 This treaty makes it possible for the American soldiers to return to Fort Mackinac for the second and final time.
 1 ___ ___ comes to the island in 1671 and leaves in 1673 with Louis Joliet.
 3 Who established the American Fur Trading Company?
 4 This doctor makes important discoveries about the human digestive system while taking care of Alexis St. Martin.
 6 This building is built to house the Indians that come to confer with the Indian Agent.
 8 Which French explorer is given sovereign reign over New France, an area that includes Michilimackinac?
 10 In 1974, with the help if Helen, the wife of Governor William Milliken, ___ ___ serve on the island for the first time.
 12 The ___ ___ Quarters were built in the Fort during the same year the Biddle House and McGulpin House came to the island.
 13 What building's construction is completed in 1937?
 17 This house on the island was the former home of missionary priests and was moved to Mackinac in 1780. It is the oldest house on the island.
 18 Native Americans attack Fort Michilimackinac. A trader, Alexander Henry, escapes with the help of a friendly Native American and hides here.
 19 What business did the French some to conduct with the Native Americans of the island?
 21 The State of Michigan purchased a home on the island for the ___ to use as a summer residence.
 24 The scout service that begins on the island in 1929. President Gerald R Ford serves as a ___ ___ on Mackinac.
 25 Constance Fenimore Woolsen visits Mackinac Island and writes the book Anne. What commemorates her on Mackinac Island?
 28 This becomes the primary industry on Mackinac in the mid-1800s, replacing the fur trade.
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